Our Story

We are delighted to present Moone-Tsai's rare and remarkable wines, whose pedigree is rooted in an extraordinary combination of exceptional fruit, terroir, and artisanal winemaking. With a commitment- to, and experience-in creating notable wines...including the production of three celebrated #1-rated wines in the world; we created Moone-Tsai Wines with the simple mission of crafting the finest wines we know how.

As founders and owners who are entrenched in every aspect of our winery operations, we exercise great care to make sure that the wines we produce and present live up to the "simple mission" that we abide-by. Moreover, as devoted and long-time residents of our cherished Napa community, we take special pride in sharing these wines that bear the "best of the best" fruit from among Napa Valley's most prized vineyard blocks.

Through the years (if age and "domain expertise" count for anything), we have come to appreciate the essential elements of inspired winemaking and well-crafted wines. Indeed, extraordinary fruit, painstakingly thoughtful winemaking technique, and great French Oak are foundational; ...with our accumulated experience, time-nurtured relationships, core operating values, and unwavering commitment to excellence as the difference-makers.

Welcome to Moone-Tsai. We are proud to share these remarkable limited production wines, whose subtle balance of elegance, structure, power and finesse are a striking embodiment of the noble lion, protector of Bacchus, who graces our label.