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The Ring of Leonidas

Enables members to acquire each year the complete array of our essential Bordeaux-blends and Chardonnays.


The Ring of Leonidas enables members to acquire each year the complete array of our essential Bordeaux-blends and Chardonnays with priority access to Leonidas-experiences and future releases. Enrollment in the Ring of Leonidas entails a minimum 12-month commitment to secure four wine shipments (four 750ml bottles each) priced for a total of $1,660 plus shipping, tax.

Wine Shipments

Each year, Ring of Leonidas members will receive four shipments of four bottles each (16 bottles total) of Moone-Tsai's essential wines - crafted by Philippe Melka:

  • Wine Shipment-One ($380 plus shipping, tax): will be comprised of four bottles (750ml) of our Napa Valley Cabernet
  • Wine Shipment-Two ($280 plus shipping, tax): two bottles (750ml) each of Napa Valley Chardonnay and Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
  • Wine Shipment-Three ($500 plus shipping, tax): four bottles (750ml) of our Howell Mountain Hillside Blend
  • Wine Shipment-Four ($500 plus shipping, tax): four bottles (750ml) of specially selected red wine blends

Ring of Leonidas members have access to unique events and experiences, for example:

    Moone Tsai Napa Valley Harvest Weekend

  • Moone-Tsai Collectors' Dinner/Napa Valley
  • Moone Tsai Napa Valley Harvest Weekend:
    "Prime-Time" Eight-course Wine Dinner, Cor Leonis Vertical Tasting, Blending Seminar, Pig-roast, Jazz, Bourbon, and guided star-gazing

Ring of Leonidas members enjoy additional privileges:

    Moone Tsai Wine Tasting

  • Two complimentary VIP-winetastings at our winery location (please request your appointment in advance as winetastings are subject to availability)
  • Priority access to future wine releases

By enrolling onto the The Ring of Leonidas, members commit to purchasing a minimum of four wine shipments over a 12-month period that starts with your first wine shipment.

  • This membership will renew annually automatically
  • You may cancel your membership any time after the initial 12-month enrollment period
  • Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 707-265-6782 or

To join the Moone Tsai The Ring of Leonidas:

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