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Hear from some of our guests.

  • "Moone Tsai is a must for wine aficionados!" Bonniecw via TripAdvisor

  • "The wines ascended from great to extraordinary, culminating in a to-die-for Cor Leonis. Sorry to gush...but this was the pinnacle among our many fine experiences." David C.

  • "The Moone-Tsai tasting experience is hands-down one of the best tasting experiences in Napa Valley," Pete P.

  • "Moone Tsai is an absolute must when visiting the valley. If you are looking for wine that is highly allocated, boutique and made by one of the most talented winemakers in the valley, then this is all encompassing." Nicole L.

  • "If you're going to Napa Valley and want to experience a great wine, you must visit Moone Tsai. This is a beautiful and intimate wine tasting experience. We had the pleasure of meeting and being hosted by MaryAnn Tsai. She is the most wonderful & beautiful person in the valley. The wine is all by itself AMAZING! She was the icing on the cake." AG, Miami, Florida

  • "So yeah, a tasting at Moone Tsai isn’t a tasting. It’s an experience...and the actual wines? Oh dear god...The Cor Leonis is a wine of unmatched pedigree...a powerhouse blend of famous vineyards located in the Napa Valley that when I heard the names I almost fainted. I've had the chance to sample single vineyard expression of some wines sourced from those vineyards and they were good. But the moment that they're blended together, they make a wine that I simply can't come up with words to describe Victorvill via TripAdvisor

  • "We spent 5 days in Napa, visiting 12 different wineries, tasting amazing wines. We went to super high end places and some smaller, niche, “cult wines” (you would pay $500-$800 a bottle at a restaurant for some of those wines). Hands down, our favorite wines of the trip were at Moone-Tsai. …The wine? PHENOMENAL...THE WINE IS THE MAGIC." James F.

  • "This tasting experience was superlative on every level and remains an absolute standout in a full week of private, higher-end wine tastings." MT, Manhattan Beach, CA

  • "Moone-Tsai is the best find in Napa. The wine is absolutely wonderful and has become my favorite. The tasting experience is awesome: …informative, relaxed and my whole group had a blast. We met the owners of the vineyard — who were delightful. If you like big Cabs and wonderful chards — do not miss Moone-Tsai on your next trip to the valley." JR P., Memphis, TN

  • "Four of us (two couples) did a wine and lunch pairing with Steve at Brasswood restaurant. The wine was from one of our favorite winemakers, Phillipe Melka, who makes big red cabs. The food was incredible -- mozarella starter followed by a trio of small plates that paired perfectly with the wine. All in all, we were very happy with the host (Steve), the service, the wine and food. It was one of our favorite all time Napa experiences." Geoffrey W.

  • "At Moone Tsai my expectations were blown away. Steve Gage was exceptional...with a passion for wine, and extemporaneous knowledge to rival the Bordeaux sommelier. Our experience was enhanced by the "Cave", the elegance and personality of endless time and hospitality...Your winery has a greatness...and is the best find in Napa." Frank G., Springfield, MO

  • "The experience was awesome...the wines terrific! We look forward to enjoying your wines for many years to come." Brian K., San Diego, CA

  • "Where to begin! What a wonderful and exciting time we had with you at our tasting. Not to mention falling even more in love with your wines. Thank you for making it a magical and memorable experience over our 10 Year anniversary trip. We loved spending time with you and ... hope it will not be another year before we visit again." Brenda L., Greenville, SC

  • I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful time ... tasting through your wines and hearing your wonderful stories. It was a truly memorable experience, and I have not stopped gushing to friends about how great the wines are and how incredibly gracious you were...!" Mark G., Waltham, MA

  • "Thank you again for that amazing tasting experience. It will long be remembered." Rick T., Sparks NV

  • "It's a rarity that I receive such sterling service that I take the time to put it in words. Not only are your wines phenomenal but the service provided ... was on par with perfection." Trace & Kim B., Santa Ana CA

  • "On our ride back home to the city, we couldn't stop raving about the entire experience of visiting your winery. We're happy we found a winery with owners who share a similar palette and appreciation for really good wine :) We've found our favorite cab and chardonnay at Moone-Tsai!" Mariko and Kaneko F., San Francisco, CA

  • "Thank you again for the unforgettable hospitality. Visiting with you was the highlight of our trip, and honestly the highlight of any of our trips to Napa. ...What a treat!" Justin and Gina H., Monrovia, MD

  • "I cannot thank you enough for the amazing personalized tour and tasting that Jim, Carole, and I had with you the other day! As I reminisce about the wonderful time we experienced on this recent trip to Napa, foremost in our thoughts will be the precious time we spent with you, as you graciously entertained us with your knowledge about amazing wines. I savored each sip that I consumed...Your efforts to extend such hospitality and kindness to us was so appreciated and did not go unnoticed." Arlene and Jim H., Las Vegas, NV